Costa Mesa Rent Control

Cities in Orange County Taking Steps Towards Rent Control

The City of Costa Mesa joins Santa Ana in taking measures to protect renters in Orange County.

  • Tenant Protections Continue to Push into Orange County: An urgency ordinance approved this past Tuesday (11/7/23) by the Costa Mesa City Council aims to protect rental tenants (which is estimated to comprise 60% of the city’s population) who face no-fault evictions, ie evictions through no fault of their own.
  • Relocation Assistance: The new law, which takes effect immediately, aims to widens the safety net for tenants whose landlords have asked them to vacate to accommodate substantial renovations, the sale of a property or to provide housing for landlords or their family members. The ordinance mandates landlords to send paper notices to both the city and property owner.
  • What Happens Next: This procedural change may lead to legal challenges by tenant attorneys. Landlords might face administrative hurdles, such as using certified mail or filing California Public Records Act requests, to prove city notice receipt.

Source: LA Times

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